Kappa Theta Epsilon
The National Cooperative Education Honor Society

Mission Statement

Kappa Theta Epsilon is a national organization that promotes cooperative education and internship programs at Universities across the United States. Our mission is to:

  1. Recognize and honor co-op and internship students with exemplary academic and work performance, character, and integrity.
  2. Promote and reinforce the value of the Cooperative Education and Internship Program among students, faculty, and employers.
  3. Provide campus leadership opportunities for personal and professional development for co-op and internship students and the Northwestern student body.
  4. Develop a stronger on-campus network for co-op and internship students.
  5. To develop professional network opportunities with alumni, faculty, and employers.
  6. Act as a liaison between the Office of Career Development and present and/or potential co-op and internship students.
  7. Share experiences, knowledge, and insight with students to better help them achieve their career goals.



The Kappa Theta Epsilon organization was founded in 1957 at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University by the graduating class of cooperative education students. The stated purpose was "to recognize those who conferred honor upon the Virginia Polytechnic Institute through distinguished scholarship, industrial ability, integrity, breadth of interest, and adaptability as undergraduates in the Cooperative Education Program and to develop a spirit of competitive achievement in academic work."

KTE's Kappa chapter at Northwestern University continues this tradition of honoring cooperative education and internship students of the highest academic standing.

Today, there are 13 active chapters at Universities across the United States: